Sustainability delivers

By our Swiss (International) patented solution driven by AI technologies, SUSFINTEQ automates ESG analysis of public companies in real-time. These unique insights allows customers to outperform in their investments.

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Our approach

Our SusData engine parses through millions of articles using proprietary technology and ESG industry expertise to generate actionable insights for investors and policy makers.

Artificial Inteligence

Using the latest advancements in Deep Learning, we identify, model,and predict the impact of ESG events on a company's financial performance

Natural Language Processing

Using our proprietary NLP and Sentiment Analysis methodologies, SusData is able to automatically analyze millions of articles related with ESG topics in real time

Big Data

The SusData engine is able to process a huge amount of ESG information from public and reliable data sources, providing structural analysis of non-finanncial information to complement existing financial analysis.

ESG Expertise

In addition to our internal academic, industrial and regulatory ESG experience, SUSFINTEQ has linked with global network of ESG experts

Value Proposition

we provide advanced and effective technological solutions for ESG investment and risk analysis, serving to reduce costs of mannual efforts; optimize ESG investment performance and reduce ESG risks for financial institutes, public companies, regulatory entities and privates

Risk Mitigation

Using ESG analysis results, public companies collection of higher ESG risks are identified in the same sector, to serve to avoid investing stocks, which gonna drop.

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Portfolio Analysis

Applying ESG analysis results, it serves to select portfolio of best-in-class with less ESG risk and higher possibility to outperform in the same sector.

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Alerts & Reporting

By real-time analysi, it automates report generation, tracking ESG issues and info of benchmark companies as well as providing insights of ESG risks scope.

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Our solutions

through our real-time ESG analysis data, together with ESG investment anlaysis expertise (SIX Group’s F10 Fintech), realizing market-oriented ESG investment solutions.



SusWatch WeChat mini-program allows private investors to monitor their portfolio in terms of ESG analysis dynamics in a real time, supporting smart investment decisions




The SusLytics Desktop terminal system allows Investors to understand the changes of stock price and ESG analysis results intuitively, and it also monitors the ESG issues of these public companies dynamically, to make the data-driven and effective sustainability/ESG investment decisions



SusFlow API Integration

The SusFlow API transfers customized ESG data from Susfinteq to clients for research & modelling, and SUSFINTEQ enpowered financial institutions for competitiveness of ESG investment and risk management


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